Bowie County Deputies discover chop shop and meth lab

Chop shop and meth lab discovered

Bowie County Sheriff's Deputies say they've discovered a chop shop.  Deputies have seized about $300,000 worth of reported stolen vehicles and parts.  They also say a suspected meth lab was being operated.

This is for the "Dumb Criminals File." Many people call 911 to report crimes.  But police in Leavenworth, Kansas say a pair of drug dealers misdialed and called 911 while they were talking about a their plans.

In Splendora, Texas, north of Houston, deputies and Child Protective Services are now handling the case of two children, eleven and five, found apparently living largely on their own in a broken down school bus.

Prayers for a miracle.  Josh Springer, 28, remains in ICU at LSU Health after his motorcycle accident on Thursday. He has been in a coma for nearly a week.  His family says he is making some progress living moving a little, but he still hasn't opened his eyes yet.

Students at the University of Texas are ditching anti-bacterial soap. They say the soap may be aiding in the spread of germs worse than the cooties it claims to kill.

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