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Prayer vigil held for motorcycle victim's recovery

Josh Springer, 28, remains in ICU at LSU Health after his motorcycle accident on Thursday. He has been in a coma for nearly a week.

Initially doctors had little hope that Josh would ever wake up, but his family never lost hope. On Wednesday the Springer family said, despite all odds, Josh was making progress."When we had our visit with him he was moving more. He was trying to open his eyes so much more, and he would turn his head and move his arms," said Josh's mother Madeline Springer.

It is more than just Josh's family praying for a full recovery. An entire community is getting involved. On Wednesday, the time most people use for a lunch break turned into a prayer service in Mansfield.

"This morning, when I was doing my Bible study, I was reading, and it just hit me, we all need to come together and pray for Josh, and pray for this family," said Valerie Ford. "I just got on facebook, and put it on facebook. I said 'I guess I'll see who shows up,'" said Ford.

"God can prove doctors wrong all the time. We've got an entire community here praying for him. Friends are here. Family members everywhere are praying for him, and thinking of him. I think he is going to overcome this. I know he is. I know he's going to wake up," said Hallie Deutsch.

If you would like help the Springer family cover some of the medical bills, an account has been setup at Citizens National Bank. To donate just stop by any branch and ask to give to the Josh and Lacy Springer account.


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