LSU system president, board chair to visit Shreveport press release

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - March 6, 2012

LSU System President, Board Chair to Visit Shreveport News Release

BATON ROUGE---LSU System President John Lombardi and LSU Board of Supervisors Chairman Hank Danos are scheduled to visit LSU Shreveport and the LSU Health Shreveport on Wednesday and Thursday as part of a continuing evaluation of system institutions by the LSU System Work Group on Organization and Collaboration.

In November, the work group issued a report saying it supports developing a stronger LSU Shreveport rather than merging the university with Louisiana Tech University or any other institution.  The subject of a LSUS/Tech merger is expected to come up in a series of meetings with faculty, staff, students, and administrators at both LSUS and the Health Sciences Center, especially since the Louisiana Board of Regents recommended a merger last week to the Legislature.

Among the scheduled meetings is a session with LSUS academic and faculty leadership, including deans and department chairs at 11 a.m. Wednesday in the Webster Room located on the second floor of the LSUS University Center.  In the same room at 3 p.m., Dr. Lombardi and Chairman Danos are scheduled to meet with staff and administrators as well as student government officers and students.

On Thursday, a similar series of meetings is scheduled with faculty, staff, administrators and students at the Health Sciences Center, including a late-afternoon session with medical students and residents.

The LSU system work group, which is made up of members of the Board of Supervisors and system staffers, was formed in October.  In its initial report, the work group recommended that other public and private universities in North Louisiana and across the state offer new academic programs to geographically-bound students at LSU Shreveport.

"Any university, public or private, participating in this joint effort on the LSU in Shreveport campus will have full responsibility for the academic content of their programs," the report stated. "Students will register on the sponsoring campus ... pay tuition and fees as established by the sponsoring campus and, if completing a degree, will receive the degree from the sponsoring campus."

In addition, the work group is studying how best to expand links with regional community colleges and other universities as ways to ease transfer processes as students transition from associate degrees to bachelor's degrees and graduate degrees.

Visits by work group members are scheduled in coming months for other LSU institutions spread across Louisiana. No timetable has been set for the group to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.