New study looking into passenger rail service from Shreveport to Dallas

A proposal would set up passenger rail service between Shreveport and Dallas 

At 5, there's a study in the works to determine whether a passenger rail line from the Ark-La-Tex through East Texas and into Fort Worth would be feasible and advantageous to the local economy.  What do you think? Would a passenger rail line from Shreveport to Ft. Worth be a good idea? Would you use it? Share your thoughts here on the KSLA News 12 Facebook Page.

Academy Award winner Bill Joyce with Moonbot Studios joins us live at 5. What a thrill to have this creative genius with us. He's had a hand in top children's movies like "Toy Story", "A Bug's Life" and "Robots". Looking forward to the interview. We'll also talk about the parade that will be held Monday to honor Moonbot.

Make-up and lotions help women to feel and look healthy, but there's a new concern we'll tell you about at 5. Some products make them look and feel worse. 

AT&T Inc. has caved to complaints that it's placing unreasonable limits on the "unlimited data" plans it offers smartphone subscribers.

Birth control debate. At 5, Democrats narrowly blocked an effort by Senate Republicans to overturn President Barack Obama's order that most employers or their insurers cover the cost of contraceptives.

In your community, Texarkana getting help for homeless, domestic violence victims It's all thanks to a federal grant.

See you at 5.