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Feb. 15: House for Hope Editorial

I'm proud to announce that once again, KSLA News 12 is teaming up with the Homebuilders Association of Northwest Louisiana to give away a brand new house.

This is the fourth year of the House for Hope. Money raised will benefit Community Renewal and help build a new Friendship House. The Friendship House helps to turn distressed neighborhoods around.

Now the house you can win is a three bedroom, two and a half bath home, located in a brand new section of 12 Oaks Subdivision in Shreveport. The builder is Jonathan Hamilton of Hamilton Builders. The estimated retail value of the home is $330,000. Tickets cost $100 each. Only 7,000 will be sold.

It's a win-win situation. Buy a ticket, maybe you'll win a brand new house or other prizes and at the same time help Community Renewal.

You can reserved a ticket this week. All the details are on our website, ksla.com or call (318) 425-3222. We've already given away three houses. This one could be yours.

I'm James Smith.

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