Toddler killed, mother's boyfriend on the run

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Mexican authorities are working with Harrison County, Texas investigators to find a man accused of killing a 2 year old girl. Investigators say he killed the girl and then took off to his native Mexico.

A routine investigation is under way into Whitney Houston's prescription use. Investigators have subpoenaed records from the singer's doctors and pharmacies who dispensed medication found in her hotel room. Officials say the probe is standard operating procedure. It will be weeks before toxicology results reveal the medications and quantities, if any, that were in Houston's system when she died.

Chimp Haven welcomes new baby, but they wonder how it got here. All of the male chimps at the sanctuary are suppose to be "fixed". Now the sanctuary is doing DNA testing to find "the baby daddy".

Another meeting is schedule to talk about the Aryan Nations compound in Desoto Parish. After Doug Warner's special investigation on the Aryan Nations leader and his beliefs...many in the town, say "not in my backyard".

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