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Man arrested on dog fighting charges


An East Texan is now jailed in connection with dog fighting, allegedly taking place inside an East Texas home.

Back in December, authorities were tipped off to possible dog fighting at a mobile home park on Highway 80, between Longview and Hallsville.  28 year old Frenando Wallace was arraigned in Gregg County. He'd been on the run since December, when Harrison County Deputies discovered his alleged dog training operation.

"Back on December 28th, Harrison County Sheriff's Office received a call in regards to fighting dogs, they had been told about fighting dogs inside a mobile home," says Harrison County Sheriff's Office Administrative Deputy Jay Webb.

Inside a mobile home, Wallace had reportedly set up a training area where authorities say he would set dogs on one another. But there was another more disturbing aspect to the case, Wallace was apparently recruiting stray dogs from the area, luring them to the mobile home, then letting his dogs train on them.

"Mister Wallace was luring local dogs to this location and was using them as a training aid for his pit bulls," Webb adds.

But it didn't go unnoticed by neighbors, who feared what could happen.

"Especially egregious because there were children around the area, small children that could have been injured, this is a terribly gruesome event," Webb says.

Arrested in Longview, Wallace also faces retaliation charges for allegedly threatening to kill a neighbor he believed turned him in.

"Through the years I've seen several dog fighting situation but never one quite like this, typically they are away from public area," says Webb.

Wallace could face up to a year in prison and a $4,000 fine on just the dog fighting charges.

All the dogs at the training location have been confiscated by Marshall animal control officers. One dog's injuries were so severe that it had to be put down.

Wallace is awaiting transfer to Harrison County to face charges of dog fighting and retaliation.

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