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Feb. 12: Pajama Pants Editorial

Here's the question. Should wearing pajama pants in public be against the law?

This controversial topic came up recently after a Caddo Parish Commissioner saw several young men in Wal-Mart wearing pajama pants with no underwear.

Apparently the commissioner saw more than he wanted to and thought there should be a law against that. Commissioner Michael Williams has now started a letter writing campaign in an effort to get the public, churches and businesses to back his anti-pajama pants measure.

This reminds me of the saggy pants law passed in Shreveport a couple of years ago. How successful has that been? Last year, at least 31 young men were cited for wearing their pants below the waist.

I still see young men walking around with their pants hanging down and their underwear showing. I bet you do to.

Banning pajama pants in public will probably not  happen. How would you determine what are pajamas and what are pants. Some people's pajamas may be their pants. Some of their pants  may be their pajamas.

Now I agree with the commissioner that what he saw that day in Wal-Mart is not acceptable behavior, but I'm not sure a pajama pants law is the answer. Let me know what you think.

I'm James Smith.

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