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Feb. 9: School check-out failure Editorial

Caddo Parish Schools should rethink their student check-out policies and procedures after KSLA News 12 revealed serious problems at one local high school.

Our investigation showed a man walking into the high school and checking out a child that wasn't his own, he was never asked for identification or his signature.

How do we know about this? Because the mother of the child told us she didn't think the check out system worked as it should and invited us to witness what happened. In fact, in December, a 5-year-old boy was incorrectly allowed to check out of a Caddo school with two teenage girls.

Since our story ran, we received dozens of emails and Facebook messages from concerned parents, now questioning their school's safety.

After watching our story, one father even went to his son's elementary school to double check policies and procedures.

Because of the December incident and our investigation this week, stricter guidelines are being proposed for school check outs. It would be a good idea for school officials to periodically test the system themselves. And perhaps the next time we check, they will pass with flying colors.

I'm James Smith.

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