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"Does It Work?"- 3/3/04

Gizmo Cordless Grater: "Does It Work?"

Many an inventor has attempted to build a better mousetrap. In this week's "Does It Work?" report, an invention that's somewhat along those same lines. It's the quest to build a better cheese grater. Leave it to Black & Decker, whose "Gizmo Cordless Grater" is the subject of this week's "Does It Work?" report.

 It's the self proclaimed "greater grater"... a "must-have in today's kitchen". We took the Gizmo to the kitchen at Bruno's Pizza in Tyler, where they know a thing or two about grating cheese. Of course, we're not going to hold the Gizmo to commercial standards, but it's going to have to better than the manual graters most of us have at home in a drawer to get a "yes" from Michelle and the staff at Bruno's.

You get the grater, three blades, a wall mount and the cord that charges this Gizmo. And give yourself plenty of time before your first big meal. It takes 12 to 15 hours to charge it up for just 20 minutes of use. The buttons on either side, put this baby into motion. Michelle cut us a nice sized hunk of firm mozerella for our first test. We'll used the coarse grating blade. It takes more force holding the cheese against the blade than you would expect. At first, Michelle was just giving the block of cheese a good ride up and down. Eventually, we got the hang of it, but it wasn't as effortless as Michelle had been lead to believe by the advertisements. She ended up working pretty hard for a very small mountain of cheese.

Is it more trouble than it's worth? "It looks like it would be," says Michelle. We changed blades to the shaver. The shaver is primarily meant to make chocolate shavings. The results were not much better. We switched to the fine blade and opened a block of parmesean cheese. The results were slightly better. A conversation piece at your next Italian gathering, if nothing else... but not enough to impress the Bruno's on-lookers. "If you want soemthing grated finely and you don't want very much of it, it'd probably be alright," says one Bruno's employee. "But if you want any amount it's going to take you longer to do it like this than it would just to grate it by yourself."

Things aren't looking good for our little Gizmo. So we turn back to Michelle.

Is it something she would use at home? "Not really, because I could have done it faster with the hand grater than with this."

Would she buy one? "No. After using it today. No. I wouldn't," says Michelle. If you have the patience, it grates... but it's certainly not great. We give it a "No".

We paid 25 dollars for the Gizmo. It's available at any discount department store or online. sells it and several people who bought it there wrote reviews. Out of 15 reviews, all but one said it was one of the worst products they've ever bought.

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