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Barksdale Airman asks Tebow on date


A Barksdale airman has asked Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow out on a date! Not in person. She used the Internet,, along with a smile, a catchy song, and a video that features fellow airman saying "Just say yes Tim."

Airman Jamie Walden says she wants to Tebow to make a trip to the Ark-La-Tex to attend the Military Ball with her in April. Her video on Youtube alone has more than 10,000 views so far.

" I snagged a few people on their free time just to come out and help me. They're all supportive of it, they know my crush on him," said Walden.

Her video is featured on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The 20 year old airman is banking on viral notoriety and hopes to snare Tebow using the already proven, and trendy method. Other people have used social websites to ask the famous out on dates and have been successful.

Walden says she hasn't heard from Tebow yet, but she says there's still time for him to respond because the Military Ball is in April.

Walden says she's getting a lot of positive feedback from the public.



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