KSLA News 12 Investigates: School checkouts

KSLA News 12 Follow Up: School officials react to check-out investigation

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - One local school has come under fire after their school check out policy failed, according to one parent.

In a KSLA News 12 Investigation, our cameras were rolling when a man entered Southwood High School and checked out a child that isn't his.

The whole check out took less than 15 minutes and the man says he was never asked for his identification or signature to check the student out.

We were shocked when we showed the video to Caddo Parish School leaders and they blamed us. Assistant Superintendent Mary Nash-Robinson said she felt like we were creating news. 

We invited Nash-Robinson along with the School Board Attorney, Security Director, and Attendance Director to our station to look at what we caught on tape. Captured on his cell phone was office staff asking him to provide the phone number to the child's mother.

The man says even though the staff member looked at an emergency contact card for the student she failed to call the number from the card, instead asking him. He also says he didn't show his identification or sign any documents stating he was the one checking the student out.

The child's mother says "What if it is some guy on Facebook saying he is her age, 17, and says, 'Hey, how bout I come to the school and say I'm your dad' and he's sending her all these young pictures and he's an older guy. She worries what could happen if it had been a complete stranger.

We asked school leaders whether Southwood followed procedure. They told KSLA News 12 this isn't a uniform policy for all schools, and each school has their own procedures.

We were able to get a copy of the procedures for Southwood. It clearly states a person checking out a student must show I.D. and have the person checking out the child sign a check-out roster. 

The mother of the child says Southwood needs to tighten up. The Caddo School Board attorney tells KSLA News 12 they are working on a uniform policy, but schools would still have their own procedures.

School board member Larry Ramsey declined to look at our video.  Southwood is in his district.  He says he was satisfied the attorney's explanation as well as the principal's.

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