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Jan. 22: Family Tragedy Editorial

Losing one son to the War in Afghanistan is a tragedy. Losing two sons must be unbearable.

That's what an Ark-La-Tex doctor and his family are going through right now. We learned this past week that Sgt. First Class, Benjamin Wise died a week ago from injuries sustained in combat.

His brother, Jeremy Wise, died in 2009 when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a C.I.A. base in Afghanistan.

Their father, Dr. Jean Wise, is a doctor in Hope, Arkansas. It's another reminder of how this war so far away impacts families everyday here at home.

Congressman Ross said it best: "Sgt. Benjamin Wise is a true American hero. We must never forget that our service members often put themselves in harms way and too many die in service to our country."

We should all take the opportunity to thank those in uniform and remember those who have died in these far off lands. I'm James Smith.




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