Wiley College recognized as StormReady

Wiley College became the first United Negro College Fund institution to receive the StormReady distinction in Wednesday's ceremony with the National Weather Service. The distinction certifies that the college has undergone the necessary measures to make their students safe in the event of severe weather.

According to the National Weather Service, that includes

  • Establishing a 24-hour emergency point
  • Having more than one way to broadcast warnings and weather updates
  • Creating a system that monitors weather conditions
  • Educating students about severe weather through seminars
  • And developing a hazardous weather plan

The president of Wiley College said it's important for the students and their parents to feel safe at the university. Because it is a UNCF school, Wiley attracts students from around the globe.

"They can't easily go home to be with their parents, so we need to make sure they're safe when they're here. Now we may actually be safer than most of their homes in severe weather," said President Haywood Strickland.

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