Wright's Sound Gallery

Wright's Sound Gallery

Proven Brands
Of the hundreds of brands available, we choose only the best. These are the industry leaders, representing years of solid performance, value & service. We want to represent the best brands, because we understand the brands also represent us!

Guaranteed Savings
If it sounds like we're high priced, keep reading, we're not. We're a member of HTSA, the nation's largest specialty buying group. That means our prices, and yours, are the same as our big city member. We guarantee the prices on everything we sell to be the lowest locally available for the next 30 days. Doesn't that seem fair enough?

Installation Specialists
We have a complete installation department for your audio/video system in your home, business or vehicle. We pride ourselves in being fast, efficient, and right the first time. We've completed over 75,000 auto installations and 20,000 home and business installations.

Qualified Personnel
Don't be intimidated with hi-tech electronics. We understand audio-video systems, camcorders, monitors, big screen TVs, VCRs, car stereo. etc. completely. We'll help you find what you need without spending more than you have to. Concerned about using it? Ask us, we're the pros. We know how!

Free Local Delivery
We understand a wide screen doesn't fit into the trunk of a car. We don't expect you to pay us extra to take it to you. Just tell us the day & we'll deliver locally, free!

We'll Be Here to Help
We're big enough to do the job and small enough to care about doing it right. We've been here for 30 years. Come see what makes us different from the others. You'll be impressed!

Bring us your plans, your dreams or your ideas. We'll consult with you on how to make your dream home more enjoyable and more functional than you would ever imagine. Whether you want just a basic system with speakers on the patio or a sophisticated multi zone system with Terminator 2 playing in the media room, Sting in the kids room, and Mozart in the kitchen, we can recommend and install the system that fits you best. We've installed thousands of systems and we can design your system to be the one you've always dreamed of. We can engineer, pre-wire & install all your media needs in your new business.