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Couple in court after ferret attacks child


The parents of a child who had seven fingers chewed off by a pet ferret were in court Thursday.

Ryan Waldo's attorney said in Jackson County Court Thursday that he has never seen two people so badly judged in the public's eye before a conviction.

Ryan and Carrie Waldo appeared in court Thursday to set attorney assignments.

Dan Miller told a judge he couldn't represent the couple, citing financial restraints, but is representing Ryan Waldo on a pro bono basis.

A judge ordered a public defender for Carrie, and she told the judge that she and her husband lost their jobs after being charged with child endangerment earlier this year.

Their four-month-old lost seven fingers after the family's ferret chewed them off, and the couple is accused of leaving the baby unsupervised which allegedly caused the incident.

"They have been left destitute by this. I have never seen people treated this roughly before a trial. All thy did was buy a ferret for their child. The Wicked Witch of the East or June Cleaver would have never been able to see this happening to a child and by that ferret," said Ryan's attorney Dan Miller.

Miller would not discuss why he chose to represent Ryan over Carrie.

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