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"Does It Work?"-3/15/05

Split-Ender: "Does It Work?"

Oddly enough, the Split-Ender was created by a man trying to overcome the challenges he faced everyday with his own long hair. But it's the women who've been writing in for months wanting to know if this "as seen on TV wonder" really does what it says it does. Well this is your chance. And you don't have to shell out a dime, as we answer the question "Does It Work?"

It's the end of split ends. With this gadget and 4 AA batteries, you can trim off those troublesome damaged ends without cutting off any length or the style of your hair. Kelli Hoffman from Tangles Salon in Tyler and Taryn-- one of her clients, who both agree is pretty split end challenged-- will help us put the Split-Ender to the "Does It Work?" test.

"See how the tips look 'white-ish'? That's a split end." Taryn has very coarse curly hair. Kelli says the hot flat iron she uses to straighten it out, is most of her problem. After a quick orientation, we gave it try. Kelli sectioned off a piece of hair and...

"Yeah, I can tell a little difference." As Kelli got more comfortable with the Split-Ender, she realized the slower she went through Taryn's hair, the better the results. "It gets them pretty good," she says.

But not as good as the old way... the way she normally rids Taryn of her split ends... section off a some hair. Run the hair through your hand and as the split ends pop up, she hits them with the scissors, popping off about an eighth of an inch, much like the Split-Ender is advertised to do. We opened the chamber to see what was inside. It was the first time we saw the rotating blades in the Split-Ender and the tiny little split ends it had snipped off. Kelli was convinced it worked.

We handed it over to Taryn to see if she could navigate through her hair on her own.

"It's easy. It might be a little hard doing the back, but other than that, as long as you can see everything, it's easy," she says.

So "Does It Work?" We give the Split-Ender a "yes". Kelli says it would never hold up to professional use though. And to be fair, it's not designed to.

The Split-Ender is available at almost any department or drug store. You can also find them online. They cost between 25 and 30 dollars.

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