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Trusat Satellite and Cellular

Trusat Satellite and Cellular- 3508 Youree Drive Shreveport, LA, 318-629-FREE (3733) or 1-800-915-TRUE (8783)

Remember the 1st time you saw a computer it scared the heck out of you. Now what would you do without it? That's the same with Satellite TV and I know a lot of you have questions. Give us a call and let us show you what tomorrow holds in your family's entertainment at 629-FREE or 1-800-915-TRUE. And don't be fooled by imitation. You see a lot of advertising in our market on specials, but "Do we even know where these guys are from?"

You can trust in Trusat Satellite and Cellular to be true to our word and being locally owned and operated you can stop by our showroom and take the Trusat challenge to actually see the digital quality you receive right in your living room at 3508 Youree Drive, and in most cases we'll have you installed and ready to go the very next day! Cable cannot compare to the multiple channels, sport packages, multi-movie channels, or pay-preview offered with DirecTV. So if you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your home entertainment systems call Trusat Satellite and Cellular today and get an upgrade for you system absolutely "FREE" for up to 4 rooms!

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