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Who should you tip during the holidays?

It's the season of giving, and in some cases that means holiday tipping. We all know it's only etiquette to tip the waitress or waiter, but what about your pet sitter?

KLTV 7's Annette Falconer shows us some people you can tip this holiday season, to show your gratitude and appreciation.

Every dog enjoys a good friend to walk them,and pet handler, Pat Turner does just that, "We go into the house so the animal doesn't have to be kenneled."

With all the holiday traveling, he says business goes up, and so do tips.

"At least I know I'm doing a good job for them, which is my concern that I'm taking care of their pets like they want me too," says Turner.

According to etiquette experts, holiday tipping should be about showing your appreciation for the people you care about.

Hair-dressers often get a little extra cash because of a consistent cliental.

"It's like you're giving your family member or your good friend a gift," says hairdresser Evette Tritt.

Etiquette experts say hair-dressers should get about double your usual tip.

"I've been doing hair for 15 years now and I've noticed it every year at this time," says Tritt.

Housekeepers get a holiday tip, too. Stephanie Graham with Merry Maids in Tyler, just got a big tip which made for a nice unexpected surprise.

"I opened it up and it was a hundred bucks, and I was like wow, this is amazing," says Graham.

Her boss, Annette Baker, was just as excited

"Sometimes the girls go above the call of duty, and it is exciting for them when they get good tips," says Baker.

So whether it's your waiter at your favorite restaurant, housekeeper, hair stylist, or even your pet walker just remember that extra tip goes a long way.

The etiquette expert says there are some people you do not necessarily have to tip. Your mail carrier, UPS and FedEx people, garbage collectors, recycling collectors, and in some cases your gardeners.

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