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Dec. 11: Viewer Comments on Smoke Free Casino Editorial

Viewer response to an editorial I did on the idea of a smoke free casino was positive.

In the editorial, I mentioned that a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi had made the decision earlier this year to go smoke free and I suggested it's something that might be considered here.

A local doctor wrote..."I have long thought we needed a smoke-free casino. I have been to some that had a no smoking floor, but it was never enforced. I really get tired of being told that if I don't like smoke I should stay away from casinos, as though restricting an entire group of people from one form of entertainment is appropriate. You have my vote".

And another viewer wrote..."I would love for the (new) Margaritaville casino to be smoke free.  I hope you will do your best in making the management of the new casino aware of this smoke free request."

As always, thank you for your comments. I'm James Smith.




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