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UPDATE: Prosecution rests case in Fletcher murder trial


The prosecution rested its case Thursday in the trial of a Ouachita Parish teen accused of killing his parents.

Dalton Fletcher, 16, is charged with two counts of 2nd degree murder and faces life in prison for shooting his parents in September of 2010.

Prosecutors said Fletcher was a rebellious teen who planned to either kill himself or his parents. In a note written weeks before the murders, Fletcher said this would not have happened if his parents would have let him do what he wanted, when he wanted.

The jury heard testimony from a forensic expert, pediatrician and several of Fletcher's friends. Fletcher's friends testified that he never told them or showed any signs of wanting to murder his parents. Jurors were also shown video of Fletcher's confession of the murders.

Ouachita Parish Deputies testified about their response to the scene on Wednesday. The courtroom also heard from Fletcher's sister, Ashley, who was in the house at the time of the murders.

On the stand, Ashley described coming home from work, having her final conversation with their dad, getting in the shower and then hearing two gunshots. She said she saw Fletcher kill their mother, Tammie, and he threatened to kill her also.

Ashley broke down on the stand saying, " I love my brother. This is tough on me, but I want justice for my parents."

Fletcher has pled not guilty by way of insanity.

Fletcher's attorney say that from the time he was 13-years-old until his parents died, Fletcher was the victim of "consistent and unrelenting physical and emotional brutalization." Attorneys added that Fletcher was in a ‘"domestic war zone" where he was taught to fight, hate, beaten regularly and called "stupid and good-for-nothing." 

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