Troopers warn about deer collisions from experience

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - The number of drivers hitting deer on the roadway usually peaks in November, but thanks to weather changing the deer mating season, that peak is hitting later this year. The Texas Department of Agriculture said the season when most deer are on the road is now late November to early December.

"During the holiday season, traffic volume is going up, more people visiting family from here and out of state. Deer being in rut, more deer on the roadway," said Trooper David Tompkins

According to a map from State Farm Insurance, Arkansas drivers have the highest risk of hitting a deer with a risk of 1 in 99. In Texas, that number is 1 in 400. With the amount of driving the Texas State Troopers do, Saturday's accident involving a patrol car and a deer came as really no shock.

"Right now, with deer in rut, the population is a little bit bigger and like any other animal they don't look before the cross the roadway, especially being in rut," said Tompkins.

And with the chance of hitting a deer increasing, troopers say there are a few things you can do to stay safe.

  • Reduce speed on rural roads.
  • Watch for other cars on the roadways.
  • Make a plan of action in the case of a deer.
  • Drive with high beams on when alone on the road.
  • Never swerve into another lane of traffic to avoid a deer.

"A lot of major accidents result from people overreacting prior to and before striking a deer," Tompkins adds.

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