Baked acorn squash with cranberry-orange compote

3 acorn squash
6 ounces melted butter
4 ounces brown sugar
salt and pepper to taste
1 pound cranberries
6 ounces orange juice
2 ounces orange zest
water and sugar as needed
brandy to taste

Cut the squash into quarters and remove the seeds.

Combine the butter and brown sugar. Brush the glaze on the squash. Season the squash with the salt and pepper. Reserve any excess butter and sugar.

Bake the squash quarters in a moderate oven until they are tender. Baste them periodically with the reserved butter and sugar mixture.

Combine the cranberries, orange juice and water, as needed, to barely cover the berries. Add sugar to taste. Simmer the berries over medium heat until they are softened and thickened. Add the orange zest.

To serve, spoon the hot cranberry mixture over the squash.

Serves 12.

Nutrition (per serving): 222 calories

Saturated fat 7g
Total fat 12g (48% of calories)
Protein 1g (2% of calories)
Carbohydrates 28g (50% of calories)
Cholesterol 31mg  
Sodium 156mg
Fiber 2g
Iron 1mg
Vitamin A 848 IU
Vitamin C 28mg
Alcohol 0g

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