Waskom shooting victim going to be OK

Courtesy: Cassie Barnett
Courtesy: Cassie Barnett

WASKOM, TX (KSLA) - A Mississippi man was allegedly shot today by his estranged wife's boyfriend just outside the Exxon station in Waskom, TX.  The wife and the man believed to be her boyfriend, Jeremy Thatcher, live in Ft. Worth, TX.

Stanley Ray Tharpe and Dana Tharpe are getting a divorce, and the papers were recently filed.  The two were meeting in Waskom to exchange the kids and provide some paperwork to the other.

Waskom Police Capt. Marty Latham tells KSLA News 12 that for reasons that are still unknown, Thatcher pulled out a handgun and shot Stanley Ray Tharpe in the chest with a hollow-point bullet.  Tharpe was taken by Waskom EMS to LSU Hospital in Shreveport.  Latham says he expects Tharpe to be O-K, because amazingly, the bullet did not hit any vital organs.

KSLA News 12 viewer Cassie Barnett, who was inside the store at the time, says she thought Thatcher was helping the victim with car trouble, when next thing she knew there was a gunshot outside and when she looked out she saw one man having just shot the other.

Detectives are still, at this hour, interviewing witnesses and others in the shooting.  The shooter did not leave the Exxon after gunning the other man down, and was quickly arrested by responding police officers.

Thatcher is in the Harrison County Jail charged with Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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