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East Nashville business fighting Metro on approved plan


The site of a former adult video store in East Nashville has been turned into a brand-new, gleaming doggie day care.

But instead of rolling out the welcome mat, the city is threatening to throw the owners in jail.

Painted like a giant dalmatian, The Dog Spot at Gallatin Pike is an example of urban transformation.

Chad Baker has turned location of a former adult business into a new, popular doggie daycare. But there is a problem.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to jail for five days," Baker said.

He says he has been denied a use and occupancy permit. His store is open illegally.

Yes, he spent thousands of dollars on heating and air-conditioning, spray foam, plumbing and poured a $5,000 parking lot plus hundreds more spent on landscaping.

But Baker also put a parking lot in front of his business, which is something he didn't put in his Metro-approved plan.

"I spent a fortune, everything I have, to open this business. And if that's not good enough, I'm sorry. I don't know what is," he said.

Even Metro planning won't argue that The Dog Spot looks better than 90 percent of the businesses on East Nashville's Gallatin Road.

"There is an approved plan they are not complying with right now," said Bob Leeman, Metro planning manager.

The new building falls under the Gallatin Pike Improvement District. But that's actually not a problem. If you view the plan, you would find out The Dog Spot fits it perfectly.

Straight from the plan, the so-called SP district "has the highest level of flexibility for the design of the development."

And it is "not subject to the traditional zoning districts design standards."

We asked if there is flexibility, why not let these guys open and contribute to the community.

"Well, because they have a plan that's approved. And our role is to make sure that they comply with the plan they submitted," Leeman said.

"They choose to be inflexible, and I don't understand why our city officials are hurting the people who are trying to create jobs," Baker said. "If this isn't an improvement to Gallatin Road, then what is? What is enough?"

Chad Baker has submitted a new plan that still includes parking out front. The planning commission will vote on that Dec. 8.

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