Mobile companies prep phones of the future

Mobile companies prep phones of the future

Experts say companies are developing phones of the future equipped with more technology.

Chair of Columbus State University's School of Computer Science Dr. Wayne Summers says he remembers six years ago, there was no iPhone and the evolution of the mobile phone is catching up with futuristic movies.

"We had cell phones and they were mostly used for talking, they were bigger," said Summers. "Last 4-5 years, it's (changes to phone) is amazing."

And they're expected to evolve even more.

Experts say phones of the future could be in your watch or in a ring. Smartphones could  be bendable like paper that you can roll up and open to the size of a tablet. Nokia has several concept phones including one with a transparent touch screen, another looking like a future spy compass and a phone that can detect and transmit smell. The Mozilla Seabird phone of the future is slated to have keyboards projected onto a table. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is developing cutting edge technology called "Sixth Sense" in which the phone projects images onto a wall or anywhere, like a dial pad.

As phones are predicted to be even more all-in-one in the future, manufacturers are stepping up technology for security on mobile phones.

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