Evidence found in accused killer's cab will be allowed at trial

Justin Bloxom
Justin Bloxom
Evidence found in Horn's cab will be allowed at his death penalty trial
Evidence found in Horn's cab will be allowed at his death penalty trial

The man accused in the abduction and murder of a 12-year-old Stonewall boy has been denied a motion to suppress evidence in the case against him.

Brian Horn is charged with 1st degree murder in the death of Justin Bloxom in March of 2010.  Prosecutors say Horn, a registered sex offender, posed as a girl and texted the teen to lure him into his taxi.  Bloxom's body was found hours after he was reported missing in a wooded field off of Highway 171 in DeSoto Parish. Prosecutors say he had been smothered to death.

Horn, 34, was in DeSoto Parish court Wednesday morning, where his attorney's request to have evidence seized from his taxi was denied. A Bossier Parish deputy testified that no one opened the doors to the cab, owned by Action Taxi and operated by Horn under contract. Action Taxi granted investigators permission to search the vehicle.

Additional pre-trial motions to suppress evidence found in Horn's brother's truck have been more contentious.

Investigators had consent to search the truck, and found a laptop and an AT&T SIM card.  But defense attorney Ross Owen argues that a warrant was needed to search the contents of the devices. A DeSoto Parish deputy's request for a warrant was signed by a judge, but the prosecution has been unable to produce the warrant itself.  Now, the prosecution must prove they had a legal right to search the devices.

Wednesday's court hearing was continued, after it was determined that the federal investigator that actually searched the SIM card on the allegedly missing warrant will need to be brought in to testify. Based on discussion in court, it appears that investigator might not be available to do so for several months. In the meantime, a number of other pre-trial motions will be scheduled.

Delayed once already, a new trial date has not yet been set.  Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Horn.

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