Ark-La-Tex man corroborates allegations against presidential hopeful

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Ruston doctor, Victor Zuckerman took to the podium Monday to corroborate Sharon Bialeks' accusations of sexual harassment against Hermain Cain. Zuckerman stated that contrary to Cain's recent statements, the Republican candidate did in fact know both Bialek and Zuckerman.

He says they met at a 1997 party in Chicago.

"At that party, Cain involved both of us in a conversation. What struck a cord with me is that he told me about his new gospel album," Zuckerman said, adding details of the conversation.

More than 10 years later, Zuckerman came forward with his friend and ex girlfriend, Bialek. He says they reminded each other that Cain was the man they met years earlier after he came into the national spotlight. He says the two came forward out of outrage with Cain's denials..

"Like many women in the workplace, she quietly endured what she felt was a sexual assault," said Zuckerman.

Since Zuckerman was not present at the time of the alleged misconduct, he can only speak to what Bialek told him. In a court of law, that's called hearsay and isn't considered evidence. KSLA News 12 asked the Bialek's attorney, Gloria Allred about the hearsay.

"This isn't a law suit, you can evaluate all of the facts that have been brought here by us," she answered.

Allred says this newest development is aimed at finding the truth from Cain's campaign.

"His strategy of blanket denials simply will not work. He needs to come clean with the American public. Now is the time," Allred said.

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