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"Does It Work?" - 1/13/04

Glad Press 'N Seal: "Does It Work?"

Everybody uses plastic wrap. It extends the life of leftovers and it's clear, so you can see what's in there. No doubt, plastic wrap has made life easier. But if there's one shortcoming, it's the fact that it clings, but doesn't seal. That is, until now. It's called Glad Press 'N Seal. And this week, we're putting it to the "Does It Work?" test.

Forget everything you know about plastic wrap. Glad Press 'N Seal is equipped with something called Grip Tex, derived from the main ingredients typically found in chewing gum. It's supposed to take just three easy steps-- just pull, place the sheet over the container, and and use your fingers to seal against the rim. Glad Press 'N Seal is supposed to stick to all kinds of surfaces, so we've assembled some plastic, ceramics. We have some metal soup cans-- different surfaces to try it out on.

First test, we poured 16 ounces of water in a large plastic mug. Pressed and sealed. We were able to turn the mug upside down. In fact we were able to pound the mug upside down repeatedly with on leakage.

The same was true with Press 'N Seal around the rim of a full soup can. It worked just as well with soup in plastic or ceramic bowls.

Does It Work?

We give Glad Press 'N Seal an enthusiastic "yes."

We paid 2.99 for a roll of Press 'N Seal. It's available at any grocery store.

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