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Damage assessment: Tornado confirmed in DeSoto Parish


One of the hardest-hit areas with Tuesday's severe weather was in DeSoto Parish. The National Weather Service has confirmed at least one tornado touched down east of State Route 5 near Funston Road moving Northeast.  

Trees were uprooted, bent and snapped in half by winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. The pattern of the damaged trees also showed that these were not straight-line winds.  Trees on one side of the damaged area were left tattered and leaning, while trees on the other side leaned in the other direction.

Along with widespread damage to trees, a house was heavily damaged by both high winds and falling trees, and several vehicles were totaled by falling trees.

The NWS estimates the tornado that came through there was either a "high EF1 or a low EF2" in strength, with winds between 110-115 miles per hour. At it's widest point, the tornado was 200 yards wide. That same tornado lifted just east of Highway 171. 

Two teams from the Shreveport office of the National Weather Service were dispatched. In addition to assessing areas reported damaged near Kingston and Sibley in Webster Parish, they also surveyed damage in Joaquin, Texas, where residents reported a tornado touchdown.

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