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Deadly Bowie Co. knife fight: Murder or self defense?

Randolph Bowden (Courtesy: Bowie Co. Sheriff's Office) Randolph Bowden (Courtesy: Bowie Co. Sheriff's Office)

Investigators returned to the scene in New Boston Wednesday where a New Boston man was killed in a knife fight with another man on Tuesday night. Police are trying to determine whether it was murder or a case of self-defense. 

Cooter Sykes was killed.  Randolph Bowen was treated for his injuries and arrested upon his release from the hospital and is being held on outstanding warrants on charges not related to Sykes' death. 

Tony House, a fellow resident of the Pepper Tree Apartments, says he saw the whole thing. "I saw Randolph on top of him and Cooter was down on his knees, and I saw him, I thought he was choking him and finally Cooter just laid flat on his stomach." House says he heard Bowden threatening Sykes. 

At that point, House and a New Boston police officer were able to separate the two, but it was too late for Sykes.  "He was apparently at that point already deceased," says Police Chief Kerry Pinkham. "The investigation will reveal if it was self-defense and what degree, because we just don't know right now."

"My mother was there to witness her brother get done like this, that's what gets me," says Sykes' nephew Willie Grey. 

Police say they had been called to the apartment complex earlier in the night on a disturbance call involving Bowden.  They were unable to locate him at the time.  Once police complete their investigation, Chief Pinkham says they will turn their findings over to the District Attorney's office for a final ruling on whether charges should be filed. 

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