Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Connecticut


There was one ticket sold by the Connecticut Lottery for Wednesday night's drawing worth $254 million grand prize. There was one Power Play Match 5 winner in Arkansas for $1M dollars.

The biggest winners in other Ark-la-tex states:

(1) Power Play Match 4 winner in Texas ($40,000)

(2) Match 4 winners in Louisiana ($10,000)

The Power ball is now down to an estimated $20 million jackpot.


The Power ball lottery climbed to almost a quarter of a billion dollars Wednesday and people in the Ark-La-Tex are hoping to get a piece of that prize. It is the highest payout for the Power ball since tickets started being sold in Texas back in January.

"Today has been busy, this whole week has been a busy day in lottery. We've seen an increase in different ways, people buying singles and multiples," said Louisiana gas station manager, Joe Fielden.

He said he's never seen a jackpot as high as the current one in his career. In Texas, it's also been busy.

Though it's the largest jackpot in Texas' history with the Power ball, clerks on both side of the line say neither state is probably losing much money.

"A lot of customers will go from store to store to get their tickets in different places thinking that they'll be luckier that way," said Victoria Secord who works at the Exxon in Waskom, Texas.

"Of course it's the same lottery but everyone thinks if you buy in two different location it will better your chances," Fielden agreed, from across the state line.

Louisiana will start selling Megamillions tickets on November 16 and the drawing for the Power ball jackpot is Wednesday at 7 PM.

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