FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Supporting March of Dimes

KSLA-TV Golden Anniversary Special [PT.2]

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Each week, we dig deeper into the archives for a look back at the long history of KSLA-TV and update our online photo gallery.

KSLA has a long history of community service. We made a promise at the beginning to serve our viewers' needs, and we continue to fulfill that commitment.

As these photos show, March of Dimes was one of the first public service organizations KSLA partnered with. The telethons were broadcast live from the KSLA studio at the Washington Youree Hotel in downtown Shreveport.  

In these week's flashback photos, American stage and screen actor Eddie Bracken can be seen hosting the show and sharing a laugh over an autographed photo with Winston Linam, one of KSLA's owners at the time.
The photo is signed, "Hi Winston, You're a great guy, Eddie Bracken."


March of Dimes was founded in 1938 to combat polio, and until the approval of the Salk vaccine in 1955, that was the organization's main focus.  After that, the mission changed to what it is today: improving the health of all babies.


Today, KSLA continues to support the March of Dimes mission. In May 2011, co-anchors Pat Simon and Domonique Benn took the initiative to "Run Before the Walk," raising $6,000 and awareness for the March of Dimes. 

They also told the stories of six babies born prematurely in the ArkLaTex:

This month, they're following up with those babies, to find out how they're doing now.  They're also emceeing the March of Dimes' 1st Annual Signature Chefs Auction & Gala on November 1st.  


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