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Time is running out for FEMA assistance for fire victims

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - Time is running out for fire victims to get FEMA assistance. But the numbers are showing that thousands of East Texans have already gotten help.

But FEMA warns they may not have enough money to cover every loss.

For those who lost their homes during the raging fires, FEMA deadlines are fast approaching.

"We have two recovery centers that are going to be open one in Gilmer, that's going to be open on Thursday and Friday, and then in Tyler, that's going to be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week," says FEMA agent Margaret Broadbent, "Once the registration period is over, it's too late at that point."

Over 18.8 million dollars has been doled out to over 3,900 fire survivors in the last six weeks.

Over eight million dollars in low-interest loans given out to home and business owners affected.

But for Diana tree farmer Jeff Hill, there will be no relief.

"I didn't insure my crop. Checked with all the government agencies and basically, there's no help for me," says Hill.

Hill's 88 acres of pines that he's raised for over 10 years, were destroyed in the September 5th fires.

His estimated loss is nearly a million dollars.

"You know there's help for people who lose homes, there's help for people that maybe lost business.... It would be nice if there were some relief for me. I certainly could use it," Hill says.

He hopes to replant one day, when the drought is over.

Anyone who is a fire victim who has not registered, is asked to call FEMA or register with them online.

Hill is having his farm cleared to sell for possible pulpwood.

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