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Missing Oil City woman's family observes sad milestone


It's now been eight months since Tracy Winslow disappeared from outside her Oil City apartment.

"I really want my sister back," says her brother Anthony Winslow. "I'd give my life."

He put flowers in the ground where Tracy's car was found burning in honor of his only sister.

"I hope anybody that's watching this today, if they have a brother or a sister or anything, hold on. Because I'm telling you it's rough."

Investigators say she was kidnapped from outside her mother's apartment around midnight January 24.

"Today is actually where it's just really hitting me because I'm like "God we've been this long without her...no sign, no nothing," says her aunt Felicia Holden-Starkes.

She's been taking care of Tracy's children since her disappearance.

"The baby says 'are you going to be my mom?' I said 'I can never take your mom's place. I said I'm your god-mother but I'll treat you as if you're mine.'"

She says she was hopeful that the family would get some closure this week when news came back on remains found in Bossier City in June.

Forensic testing revealed it wasn't her.

"I've accepted whatever God is saying. Whatever the outcome is going to be, I accept. But it's like it put us back in that place of waiting...the not knowing...nothing."

Tracy's long-time boyfriend, Eddie Jackson, remains behind bars charged with arson and kidnapping in this case.

"I guess it's just a message from God. I still can't find myself to come to hate him," Anthony Winslow says. "I don't hate him. I just want to ask Eddie why. Because he knows deep down inside what he did. He knows. Tell us why."

Anyone with information is asked to call Caddo Parish Sheriff's detectives at 318-675-2170.


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