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Fire crews recount the devastating Rhonesboro blaze

RHONESBORO, TX (KLTV) - Nine homes are now confirmed destroyed in a fire that ripped through Upshur County. We first told you about the fire Tuesday night, which started on FM 1002 near the Rhonesboro community near Highway 154. That fire burned for much of the night.

Wednesday crews took us behind the fire-line, where many homes once stood.

In 29 years of fire fighting, the Perryville Fire Chief said what happened here in Rhonesboro is one of the most devastating fires he has ever seen.

He drove us through one devastated neighborhood.
Then, he walked us through the property he and his crew fought to save

"We had to leave a house yesterday to come over here because we had to evacuate this whole community and then they actually lost all of their homes anyway," Perryville Fire Chief Terry Alexander said.

He said when his crew arrived the house that once stood here was already a loss.

"There was nothing left to save here, but the heat.. when you touch those cars and move them, it just burnt your hands-- even with your gloves. But, you don't think how hot it is," he said.

They saved the homeowners' vehicles, but that was all that was salvageable.
Wednesday was spent surveying the damage, monitoring hot spots and making sure that damage didn't grow. Crews were even recruited from out of state

"You guys got a lot of fires burning. We were on our way home from Arizona, got to Las Vegas and they called us and said, go to Texas," said Octavio Vanzzini, who works with the Vejas Fire Department 20 miles outside of San Diego, California.

More than 10 fire departments fought the blaze that swept through this community, and while some homes were saved, the loss is still great.

"It's devastating. The loss of the property.. the value of these homes.. is gone," Alexander said.

Upshur County officials said fire crews will stay on the scene tonight to make sure this fire doesn't re-ignite.

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