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FIRE INVESTIGATORS: 6 Bowie Co. grass fires were intentionally set


County, State and Federal investigators spent most of the day Tuesday trying to determine the cause of several grass fires in Bowie County, Texas in the town of Maud. Investigators have now determined that those fires were intentionally set.

A seventh grass fire, Bowie County Sheriff's deputies confirm was also intentionally set on the Cass County side of Highway 8.

Investigators with the Texas Forestry Service have also been brought into patrol and investigate these grass fires.

The Maud Fire Department reportedly began receiving calls about the fires around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. The first call, officials said, was to Kelly Creek Rd. and County Road 1202. That initial grass fire, firefighters said only caused minimal damage.

Deputy Scottie Taylor with Bowie County Sheriff's says that they do have a partial description of the vehicle believed to be involved in these fires.

" is a blue, Chevrolet Z-71 truck, and that is all the information we have at this time," said Taylor.

Investigators say Arson is considered a Class Two felony, which can land a person behind bars serving a two to 25 year sentence.

The Texas Forestry Service is encouraging people to call their local law enforcement if they suspect any fire to be suspicious in origin.

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