Wildfire Assistance Center for East Texans Info.

Wildfire Assistance Center for East Texans Info.

Information provided by: American Red Cross

The Center will be located at The First United Methodist Church, 305 W. Henderson, Jefferson, Texas. Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Charitable organizations and their services include:

  • American Red Cross - Recovery backpacks, health services, counseling
  • Marion County Food Bank - Food
  • Communities Services of NE TX - Housing
  • Home Depot - Fire sifters
  • Lone Star Legal Aid - Legalities
  • Jefferson Housing Authority - Housing
  • 1st United Methodist/Jefferson - Furniture, clothing, housewares
  • St. Vincent de Paul - Clothing
  • Enon Ministry/Linden - Linens, new pillows, clothing
  • 1st Baptist of Linden - Medications, showers and laundry
  • Linden United Methodist Churches - Large and small animal shelter, first aid, storage, clean-up, construction crews

More agencies are needed in Cass and Marion Counties to help meet the unique needs of rural communities, such as: barn storming, property clean-up, tree trimming, well services, construction and etc.

Agencies willing to offer these services to East Texans in need should contact Alicia Toombs, 325-665-7066.

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