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UPDATE: Grass and brush fire caused by buzzard

UPDATE 12:50-Fire in Longview is out.  Fire was caused by a buzzard that landed on a power line and somehow grounded itself.  The buzzard caught fire and fell to the ground sparking this fire.  The land along I-20 is hunting lease property. Firefighters could not get their large trucks to the fire because of dirt roads.  "Booster" trucks with water were used instead.  They were very concerned because of the proximity of the Hampton Inn on I-20.  A volunteer with a bulldozer arrived and ultimately helped build the break that allowed firefighters to get it under control and out.


There is a woods fire off Interstate 20 on the south side of the highway.  This fire is in Longview, west of Estes Parkway.  KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark reports that fire trucks were having a hard time getting to the fire.  Only "booster" trucks could get in.  Around 11:25 this morning, the fire was 10 acres and only partially contained.  This fire is near the Hampton Inn on I-20.

We are posting updates and pictures from this fire and others on the KLTV 7 Facebook page.  Some of our news anchors and reporters are posting updates as well.

We have the reports on many of the East Texas fires from the Texas Forest Service posted on Facebook as well.

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