Parkway High seniors think back on 9/11

Parkway High School Students Remember 9/11

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Most Americans remember where they were when they first heard about the attack on our nation and that includes our children at school. KSLA News 12's Domonique Benn sat down with five Parkway High School seniors who were just in second grade at the time.

Most of them remember the attack like yesterday, although they really didn't have a sense of what it meant for our nation. Now high school seniors: Thomas Moore, Brody Fitzpatrick, Chelsea Feducia, Elizabeth Kemp, and Ryan Barcelona were just in 2nd grade and too young to fully understand the graphic images shown on television today.

Kemp says, "You don't realize in second grade, you see people getting hurt, buildings falling it's kind of like a movie." This was no movie, it was very real. It was a real life nightmare changed the face of America. Ten years later, as young adults...the group looked back that fateful day and talked about the impact it's had on their lives and the heroes that emerged. Moore says, "It gives new respect for people who do things like that for someone who is going overseas and fighting in Afghanistan, firemen, police officers, and things like that".

In August, 3,000 people packed the Parkway High School stadium for "a moment of silence" for 9/11 victims. All Bossier Parish Schools participated in the remembrance ceremony.