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Volunteers help in New London fire

NEW LONDON, TX (KLTV) - One wildfire rekindled this morning in Rusk county, but in this case fire crews had some help from citizens. The fire was located in a wooded area off f-m 8-50 near county road 113, just north east of New London, near highway 42.

Fire crews quickly tried to cut breaks and douse the perimeter of the flames before it could jump the road into another area where there are homes.

"We had it about 95 percent last night when darkness stopped us from containment, structures in danger about a mile or 2 up the road," says New London fire chief Curtis Riley.

Crews got some unexpected help from ordinary citizens. Robert Keith , like several others, took time off his job to bring a bulldozer out, and help on his own time.

"We're trying generally to help keep everything under control and make sure it doesn't get to my house or anyone else's house, just trying to pitch in and do what I can to help them out too," Keith says.

Around every corner was another flare up , and around every corner Keith and others were waiting to help.

"We have had a lot of privately owned companies and individuals that own dozers that are coming out and helping me out," Riley says.

"You get it out one minute and it flares up the next," says Keith.

Its not just the firefighters battle, and Keith knows it.

"The fire, its everywhere , and I don't see why there's not more people out here trying to help you know its just human nature to help," Keith says.

About a thousand acres burned in this fire, but authorities tell us it is now a hundred percent contained and no homes have been damaged. Now, we are told that one firefighter had to go to the hospital after a fall, but her injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

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