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"We were blessed", Gladewater resident recalls fire evacuation

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV)- We're told most of the Moore fire near Gladewater has been extinguished.

This was the fire that started burning Sunday night and charred both sides of 135 on FM 2207 and Swamp City Road.

One resident who was forced to evacuate returned to her home Wednesday.  She said it was amazing to see her house standing in the same condition she left it.

Shannon Sisk isn't back for good yet. There's still no electricity in her home, but she is happy she still has a home.

"I could see smoke and you could see white smoke and then you could see black smoke and I was so terrified that was my house or that was my parents house or that was my neighbors house," Shannon said.

She remembers the evacuation vividly. She said she had 30 minutes to gather her kids, pets, and anything else she could find.

"It was pretty scary. There was a lot of adrenaline, a lot of people, a lot of sight seers and a lot of fire trucks. It was almost like mass chaos just trying to get out and just trying to get everything that I thought I might need for the next couple of days or forever," she said.

Her husband stayed behind and fought with Sabine volunteers to try and save their home

"He called me at one point and said, they're saving the house, they're saving the house the next time I saw him he was driving down the road waving at me and, they saved our house," Shannon said.

Something she said she'll always be grateful for.

"I actually went to the Gladewater airport and pretty much tackled all of the Sabine volunteer fire guys and thanks them and cried. If it weren't for them, my house would have been gone... everything would have been gone," she said.

And aside from a scorched yard... everything was saved.

"It's amazing and we were blessed: she said.

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