"It is a  great place to live. It takes care of you every need, my every want, every activity you want to do. I could not walk when I came here. The wellness center and the water aerobics classes have transformed me physically as well as mentally. I cannot stress enough about my mental capacity – it has improved 100 percent and I've only been here five months. The interaction with the residents and staff is wonderful. The staff always has a smile. No one can believe it but it's absolutely true. We are surrounded by happy people."

Sarrah Loggins,
Resident of the Tower at The Oaks

"I feel that this facility is everything one could hope for truly!
 I was impressed with the contagious, positive attitude of the staff.  I love that they know the residents' names and address them as they pass in the hall. I love that it is personal, yet professional at the same time. I love that in this one place, a resident can have a full, activity filled life without ever stepping foot off of the property. I would be at peace if my parents were to live there someday. ...
The Oaks is everything it is touted to be … and much, much more! I really cannot believe that it is right here in Shreveport.

Kathy Lamb