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Express your gratitude to all of the firefighters and first responders working hard to keep all East Texans safe from the rampant wildfires raging across the area.

Leave your thanks in the comment section below!


Since Friday, KLTV 7 crews have had a front row seat to countless acts of heroism by East Texas firefighters, police, sheriff's deputies, DPS troopers, game wardens and hundreds of volunteers.  Many are paid for their work. Many are not.  Funny thing is, you can't tell the difference.  Everyone involved in this emergency effort is giving of themselves FAR beyond any monetary compensation they might be receiving.  Long shifts, dangerous conditions, depleted funds and resources...we've seen it all and we've seen them overcome it all.  Keep in mind, some of these guys and gals have fires threatening or damaging their own property and families.  Seeing what we have seen the last several days makes us Proud to live in East Texas.  It is a living embodiment of why we have carried the slogan, "Proud of East Texas" for decades now. 

When this is all over, I know you'll find a way to say "thank you" in your own way.  If someone you know is an emergency responder or firefighter and you see them out and about--maybe you just recognize the uniform--pick up the tab at a restaurant, buy their coffee at the coffee shop, drop off a restaurant gift card or two at the fire station or sheriff's department.  Opportunity will present itself and I know, having lived in this extremely generous part of Texas for the last 15 years, you will find a way to overwhelm these heroes with your gratitude. 

For now, while the fight is still ongoing, write a few lines below in the comments section on this page.  Don't underestimate what your kind words can do to energize and encourage these first responders.  Let's overwhelm them with messages.  We'll make sure they see them.

Thank you,

Joe Terrell-KLTV 7 News

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