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Chopper 7 aerial view of Gladewater fire

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas firefighters are up against an inferno. Across the area, dozens of fires broke out, including four that are threatening homes and lives in Gladewater.

450 acres have burned in Gladewater. Authorities are calling this the Moore Fire. We're told several homes near Old Gladewater Highway have already been destroyed.

Fast flames shot through homes as residents rushed to evacuate. A helicopter crew dropped water, trying to save what they could of peoples homes and property.

From Chopper 7, we watched as the fire ripped through homes. A homeowner running away from the scene.

Strong, gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour fueled the blaze to burn through 450 acres.

Evacuees huddled together watching, helpless. As the fire came closer to more homes, residents feared the worst.

A thick plume of smoke filled the sky, stretching from a 150 acre wildfire in Rusk County to the Moore Fire in Gladewater.

Near Overton in Rusk County, flames destroyed trees and power lines. At this hour, evacuations are still underway as authorities work through the night to protect lives and homes from flames.


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