Where we were on 9/11/01

Where we were on 9/11/01

Most of us remember exactly where we were the day the towers fell, and what we were doing when the reality of the horror unfolding before our eyes sank in.  Many of us experienced that day as journalists, reporting the events even as we sometimes struggled to make sense of them ourselves.  These are some of the recollections shared by members of the KSLA News 12 family:

I was at the anchor desk working the morning show at our sister station WAFB in Baton Rouge. My co-anchor Jeanne Burns and I were getting ready to do a local news cut-in for the CBS Early Show. Seconds later, Bryant Gumbel broke into programming with a Special Report showing images of the plane in the first World Trade Center tower. We were stunned.  I said something about the wingspan impression on the building was so wide. Jeanne's first words were "That's terrorism." I said "my God, I think you're right!" ~Pat Simon, KSLA News 12 Anchor

 I was on air here in Shreveport, filling in for Robert J. Wright on K94.5 – doing the morning show. 
I had just started an on-air contest.  While waiting for the song to end, I started flipping through the channels on the TV in the studio.  Michael Jordan was supposed to announce he was coming out of retirement that morning (I wonder how many people actually remember that).  It's right at 8am.  As I was flipping through the channels looking for ESPN, I noticed the live shots coming out of NYC on one of the cable channels.  One of my bosses walked in and we were trying to figure out what we were looking at – all the smoke coming from the buildings in downtown NYC.  It just didn't make sense. 
Needless to say when the song ended, we didn't continue the contest.  I told our listeners what I was seeing on TV , describing the smoke and chaos, and even the second plane as it struck the other twin tower.  Within the next 20 minutes, I was moved into the KEEL 710 studios.  I began covering the event across all six radio stations in our building.  We were passing along advisors, updates and Barksdale warnings as quickly as possible.  We were also taking live phone calls.  I'll never forget taking this call:  "I think I just saw the President fly into Barksdale.  I just saw Air Force One flying over Bossier City."  I stayed on the air until late that evening...
~Doug Warner, KSLA News 12 This Morning Anchor

I was a sophomore in High School.  I remember I was still at home getting ready for school when the first plane hit, and my mom told me there had been a terrible accident in NYC.  By the time I got to school the second plane had hit, and everyone realized it was NOT an accident.  In every single class that day we didn't do any school work.  We just watched the news in shock. ~Brittany Pieper, KSLA News 12 Reporter

Where were you on 9/11/01?  Share your memories here.  

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