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Friends say there were warning signs before murder-suicide


The murder, suicide that happened Tuesday night in the parking lot of First Baptist Bossier had several warning signs.

Angela Haltom was allegedly killed by her estranged husband Allan Haltom, 45, Tuesday, who reportedly turned the gun on himself after.

The friends, family and neighbors say that there were plenty of warning signs before the incident, and that things spiraled out of control after the Haltom's fought over selling their home.

Allan Haltom reportedly sold most of his belongings in recent weeks; he even had a brief stand-off with police at his Haughton home on June 5th. During the stand-off he held Angela at gunpoint, forcing deputies to intercede and a judge to issue a restraining order as well as a court order requiring Allan to seek psychiatric help at the V.A. medical center.

Friends say Allan wanted to sell the estranged couple's home and told neighbors he was moving.

 "Later on I learned from his real estate agent, who I do business with, that his wife hadn't given him permission to sell their house," said Tom Hathorne, a neighbor of the Haltom's.

One neighbor said Allan kicked his wife out of the house when she wouldn't sell.

With a restraining order against him a family friend said Haltom grew increasingly frustrated with his wife, saying he just wanted her to come speak with the V.A. counselor.

That's when Haltom began to sell his belongings.

 "I had bought a lawnmower from him about a few months ago and he told me he was moving," said neighbor Tom Hathorne.

Court documents show Allan had written a note to his mother apologizing for what he planned to do, kill himself and his wife Angela.

If you or someone you know needs help and is a veteran the V.A. urges people to contact them right away, or they can schedule an appointment at a local V.A.

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