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Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine dependence, also known as tobacco dependence, is an addiction to tobacco products caused by the drug nicotine.  Dependence can develop with all forms of tobacco products such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes and cigars.  The ability of these products to cause dependence is related to the route of administration as well as the nicotine content of the product.  As nicotine enters the body it is quickly distributed through the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier within 10-20 seconds of inhalation.  Nicotine produces physical and mood altering effects in the brain which are temporarily pleasing; these effects make people want to use it more and lead to dependence.  According to the American Heart Association, historically nicotine addiction has been one of the hardest addictions to break. Get Tomorrow's Treatments Today if you qualify. Clinical Trials starting soon...

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