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Storm damage in Bossier City


Wednesday's storm hit quick, and it left a path of destruction throughout Bossier City.  It blew the roof off of a building at the Circle Drive Apartments on Old Benton Road. 

Scotty Gibson watched as it all happened.

"...One minute we're standing here and I was out here in the back.  Lightning cracked, and next thing you know, the whole roof is gone.  Flew right there in front of us.  I was thinking man I'm glad I wasn't underneath there."

The storm also knocked down a tree and power lines on Thompson Street.  Nobody was injured, but it scared the one man who lives on the street.

"I'm scared to death.  I've been here 60 years and I {ain't} seen no wind blow through there like that," says Jerry Brunson.  "I was asleep and it woke me up.  The whole house was shaking."

There are no reports of injuries in Bossier City from this storm, but there are still a few power lines down, trees down, and some power outages.

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