2 Red River Army Depot employees injured in Afghanistan

2 Red River Army Depot employees injured overseas

RED RIVER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Two civilian employees of the Red River Army Depot were injured earlier this week by a rocket propelled grenade in Afghanistan.

Civilian employees at the Depot are sent overseas to repair and maintain military vehicles such as the Mine Resistance Ambush Vehicle and the Bradley Tank.

Red River Commander Colonel Doyle Lasitter says the depot has more than 400 employees in the Middle East providing support for the soldiers.

"We do training measures here at the depot before they leave to ensure them they are ready for the deployment,"said Lasitter, " while they are there they receive training locally on different protection measures on how to protect themselves with the soldiers in their area."

Depot officials say they hope this does not stop qualified applicants from seeking employment at Red River. They say this is a way of showing pride, and Depot employee Jesse Paxton agrees.

"I feel that I am doing my part on behalf of my country," said Paxton, "to do the best I can with the part I play we save lives.

The names of the injured employees have not been released